Apollo-13 x Space Queen

This is our most stable hybrid and most well received strain. When someone asks "which strain should I try"? I always recommend Vortex. This is a very unique Cindy-like plant with a bizarre twist! This strain is very potent. This strain has been known to cause sweats and a temperature rise. To put it simply…this is “Incredible Marijuana”!!!

My oldest head stash crossed with my new favorite. Both parents have a similar pungent, rotten fruit, baby poo smell. Both carry heavy potency and copious amounts of resins. The resulting Hybrid cross fulfills my desire to have Apollo-13 in seed form even before we continue with the cubing. Sharing traits of both mom and dad some females lean so much towards Apollo some smokers can’t tell the difference in a blind taste. My favorite female is a sweet and sour girl that to me tasted like Sour Patch candy but I yielded close to 4 ounces with minimum training. She is easier to grow and trim than mom

Phenotypes: Variation with phenotypes like both parent strains
Height: Short to medium with wide bushing and loads of bud sites perfect for SGROG
Yield: Medium/ I pulled 3.5 Ounces from a 40” Bush
Indoor and Outdoor matures very fast
Best way to grow: Wide sagging bush with hundreds of bud sites. Lots of stakes and string
Harvest: 50-55 Days
Sat/Ind: 80/20
Hybrid: Genius X P75 X Romulan X Cindy99
High Type: heart racing, energizing, confusing, stoned, ripped curled under, stupidity
Taste: Mango Snapple with lemon/ Taste like sweetened lemonade.

Our Focus Has always Been the Genetics With Changing Times we are very much in the Seed Business.