Stardog X Space Queen

I have always been impressed with Kyle’s Terpene profiles and since we go way back it only made since to work on a few projects together. Badger loves the way Stardog grows and he has created a new Hybrid for us. Berries, Candy and Kush with hints of Sour Diesel

Strelka is a very unique plant growing fast like an Indica but finishing rapidly, yields are great. She smells absolutely amazing with an array of complex flavors and smells. I love growing new genetics and yes most of the time all of them are good genetics but plants like Strelka is why I truly do it. You know when you have found that one that special plant you will keep in your garden for good. She is on a equal platform as the Kosher Kush, meaning Strelka isn’t going anywhere.

Phenotypes: Buds with Silvery hues and Orange undertones, tall spear shaped bud reach a height of 5-6 feet and the finish is fast and oily. Candy, Kush, Berries, Cherries, Anise
Height: Medium/Tall
Yield: Medium to heavy with good topping and training techniques
Indoor and Outdoor
Best way to grow: Topped Twice
Harvest: 8 Weeks
Sat/Ind: 70/30
High Type: Great for inflammation and relaxing without falling completely asleep, seems to reduce appetite so it’s a good choice for Diabetics. Uplifting and great for social activities while still reducing pain. Great for fatigue and Anxiety
Taste: Tangy Candy and Berries with Diesel and Kush Cherries on Exhale
Hybrid: Chemdog 4 X Tres Dawg X Romulan X Cinderella 99

Our Focus Has always Been the Genetics With Changing Times we are very much in the Seed Business.