Vintners Moonshine x Querkle

This slightly indica dominant variety of an average height will cause a relaxing high leading to sedative couch lock effects. The flavor is sharp grape bubblegum with red wines and a slight hint of alcohol like vodka with a light finish and aftertaste. This colorful plant is an amazing resin producer.

Created as a tribute to my time in the wine country the Merlow flavor and rich purple colors of the mother combine perfectly with the solid structure of Querkle. Expect a rainbow of maroons and burgundy colors and a super strong Bubble Gum smell in about half the phenos. Sedative with couchlock tendencies. The Zinn is one of my favorite hash flavors and lends to the heavy resin production in the strain.

Phenotypes: Mostly short stocky plants very little stretch.
Height: Medium height and stretch with large Purple/ Black flowers
Yield: Heavy Hard buds almost white caked in large resin heads
Recommended for Indoor and Outdoor
Harvest: 56-60 days
Sat/Ind: 50/50
Hybrid: Zinn x Purple Mayhem x Urkle x Space Queen
High Type: Strong and sedative great for pain relief and stress. Great tincture and edible strain reliefs nerve pain and aids in sleep.
Taste: Merlot, Wine, Limes, Grapes, Cherries and a woody smell like a wine cellar.

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