Pina Rita

Oaxacan Gold x Space Queen

While the rush is on for Cookies and Cake we traveled back in time to bring you an old world sativa hybrid with the classic peanut butter and cinnamon taste of old world land races. Invigorated my Romulan and Space Queen she reeks of ripe candied fruit and pineapples as well as exhibiting brite fall colors and the days grow shorter in Northern Cali.

From the mountains of Oaxacan Mexico comes Highland Oaxacan Gold. This is one of the most flavorful landrace sativas I’ve ever tried. This cultivar was very popular in the 70’s & 80’s for it’s amazing flavor of fruit & spices with an euphoric / happy high. Pina Rita has an amazing flavor of fruity/pineapple/cherry/candy resin and will put a smile on your face with its happy uplifting high.

Phenotypes: All have a fruity candy aroma, some pheno’s are taller with more of a pineapple aroma
Height: Medium to Tall with 2x Stretch
Yield: Decent for a Sativa Top early to shape & cage or bamboo of extra support
Indoor / Outdoor Does extremely well indoors and thrives outdoors
Best Way to Grow: Topped early and trained to be a bush
Harvest: 60 to 70 days depending on pheno
Sat/Ind: 90/10
Hybrid: Oaxacan Gold x Space Queen
High Type: Happy / uplifting / fun
Taste: Aroma; fruity / pineapple / cherry / candy

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