Harliquin x Querkle

Nearly two years was spent creating this new High CBD strain that also incorporates a Indica style high as well as a yummy grape flavor. The high is calming and comes on fast in the head and body. Recommended for Indoor and Outdoor. The strain is super powdery mildew resistant.

Hurkle is a hybrid cross between the high-CBD sativa Harlequin and a Querkle indica. Most Hurkle phenotypes will hover around a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD, but some variation should be expected. Flavors of grape, coffee, and chocolate overwhelm the palate in a flavorful introduction to Hurkles calming effects. CBD and THC team up to crush pain, stress, and anxiety, leaving you feeling relaxed in both mind and body.

Phenotypes: This Indica dominant CBD strain comes packed with Myrcene for a calming effect that matches the pain killing relief of Cannabidiol
Height: Stocky dense bushes with triangle shaped spears
Yield: Medium to Heavy
Indoor / Outdoor Does well in both Extended Veg Time Needed Indoors
Best Way to Grow: Top Multiple Times to form an even Canopy
Harvest: 56-60 Days
Sat/Ind: 50/50
Hybrid: Harliquin X Querkle
High Type: Strong and pleasant body/head high
Taste: Hashy Grape oily flavor resembles an old school Indica

Our Focus Has always Been the Genetics With Changing Times we are very much in the Seed Business.