Norstar Genetics

Norstar Genetics is known for many great strains but we now know them as the saviors of TGA Genetics. Chef Joel has co-created with Subcool for many years, a genetics vault of sorts for Subcool. After the devastating fires Chef Joel busted out the arsenal of legendary Subcool Genetics and single handedly pulled TGA out of the pit of flame. TGA owes a great gratitude to NorStar Genetics who continue to be good friends and partners of TGA Genetics.

Badgers Dank

Badgers Dank was also created after the fires and the new displacement of TGA Genetics. Badger has worked with Sub for the past 5 years learning the Art Of Cannabis and The Science of Dank. Subcool taught Badger many tips and tricks and passed down his way of breeding the beautiful cannabis plant. A next generation of sorts. Badger now holds several legendary genetics and is an asset and major continuation the new and improved TGA Genetics.

In State Representative Wanted! California home of TGA Genetics for 7 years! Another state which has recently been plagued by the new laws that govern seeds and cannabis. TGA Genetics is looking for in state representatives as well as nursery inlets for it’s remaining storefront retail clients. TGA spent several years building relationships with local shops and customers as well as representing in state Cannabis Cups with the ability to sell and give away seeds. Please send any information to

Online Ordering Always Available

Our Focus Has always Been the Genetics With Changing Times we are very much in the Seed Business.