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NUGGETRY: Chernobyl…. a Hybrid from The Fire Department

chernobyl nuggetry

The aroma bursting from this lovely flower is somewhat sweet with some tangy earthiness to it. Strong and pungent…and will completely smell up a room fast! Be prepared.!


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Meet the Only Woman Publicly Known For Professional, Potent Marijuana Seed Breeding

mz jill tree behindWhen you list the names of famous marijuana seed breeders, it’s a short list, and it’s an all-male club.

Ben Dronkers of Sensi Seeds. Arjan from Green House Seeds. Tony from Sagarmatha. DJ Short. Breeder Steve. Subcool from TGA Seeds. Henk from Dutch Passion. James Loud of Loud Seeds. Others I haven’t mentioned. All men.

And many of them from Holland, which was the dominant country for marijuana seed breeding until U.S. medical and recreational marijuana laws gave American seed breeders a more legal and networked situation for cannabis seed breeding at the same time that the Dutch government started harassing the Dutch marijuana industry.


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It Starts With A Single Seed – Expert Seed Breakdown

VortexNugget-300x300The following article was sent to me by the legendary Subcool. When this guy speaks, people that want to improve their skills should listen. I know I am. Thanks again to Sub Cool for sharing his knowledge, and make sure to check out his website.

I have spent most of my life looking for special and unique attributes, effect, and flavor in cannabis seedlings. I want to pass on a few things I have learned about the process.


Read more about Subcool Seeds at the WeedBlog

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CannaCentral Querkle

querkleQuerkle has two main phenotypes: one pheno is shorter and more purple, while the other tends toward the Space Queen and lacks the coloration. Striving to create a grape-tasting plant with a quicker flowering time, Querkle is a cross of Purple Urkle and Space Queen. The result is a potent hybrid that retains the taste and aroma of Purple Urkle. Good for patients who need a sedating experience with major mood elevation, body relaxation, and sleep aid at higher doses.


Read more about Querkle at CannaCentral

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420 Times TV Presents: Wednesdays with The Weed Nerd

420timesThe staff at The 420 Times is thrilled to present a new segment for our readers to toke along with here each week titled Wednesdays with The Weed Nerd!

Go to the story at 420times.com

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