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TGAgenetics was formed in early 2001 by Subcool and MzJill who are no longer together as a couple, but the ideals and concepts formed to Overgrow the planet while helping others through Charity will live on through and through the efforts of MzJill's Solo projects.

We do not sell seeds on this website, only clothes and books, but we do provide a convenient list of Authorized reputable distributors worldwide.1 pixel

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TGA Genetics are unable to produce Femenized seeds at this time, please check back when Sub sells out.

Our Focus is the genetics not the business of seeds we leave that to others. With that in mind the site is packed full of information about TGAgenetics so take the time to have a look around the many different sections of the website.

TGASeeds was formed in 2001 by a small group of dedicated medical growers who had grown tired of the false claims and made up marketing that are still common to this day in the seed business. Instead of following the industry standard, they had the idea to do" open source breeding" gaining information and specific data from thousands of medical cannabis growers. Now 17 years later this research has resulted in the creation of 45 new strains each very different from the other and designed specifically for certain conditions. TGA strains are used to ease the suffering of people worldwide from: Pain, Nausea, Tremors, Nerve Pain, Anxiety and even Social Disorders. We do not believe in short cuts the rest of the industry is taking like Feminizing seeds or creating Auto Flowering strains by combining low potency ruderilis with common hybrids. Instead it has taken us up to a decade just to perfect our flag ship high THC-V strain Jack the Ripper, or our Cup winning strain Vortex. Our medicinal strains are very fragrant and have heavy resin producing traits and valued by many breeders for the unique smell and taste. On our strain guide we offer one of the most accurate and in depth product descriptions in the industry compiled by thousands of growers in our "Open Source" method.

If you're tired of scantily clad women in Ads trying to sell medicine and exaggerated claims check out what other growers are saying about TGAgenetics and consider trying some of our Organically produced Medical Cannabis Seeds


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Conspiracy Kush, Galactic Jack, Locomotion, Jacked Up, Cosmic Glue, Space Candy, and Marionberry Kush are created by Heroes of the Farm.

 norstar logo  Alchemy, Grape Inferno, Hurkle, Killer Grape, Pina Rita, and Purgatory are created by Norstar Genetics.

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